Talks and Webinars for Teens

Mary offers a range of talks and Webinars for teens on the following topics:

“Teen Talk: Anxiety”

Most teenagers feel anxious at times, it is a perfectly normal response to the many challenges of adolescence. But if your anxiety feels overwhelming at times, understanding it better, and learning some tools to cope, can really help to take back some control. In this talk, Mary explains how anxiety impacts on both our brains and bodies and talks about some very practical ways you can manage your fears.

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“Teen Talk: Social Media”

Technology is an integral part of the way teenagers live today. There are real benefits to be gained from the many different types of online activity. But not all technology is created equal, and research has found that as screen time goes up, teen wellbeing goes down. In this talk, Mary explains how social media can impact on our mental health, and talks about mindful usage, with some tips on how to achieve more balance in our lives.

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“Teen Talk: The Transition from Primary to Secondary School”

The move from primary to secondary school can result in both anxiety and excitement. It is one of the most significant transitions of the teenage years. The changes are social, emotional, and academic, as you move from being the ‘seniors’ in primary school to the ‘juniors’ in secondary. In this talk, Mary outlines some of the challenges faced during this transition, and offers lots of practical tips on how to rise to this challenge!

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