Anxious children in an anxious world

Anxious Children in an Anxious World

By Dr Mary O’Kane

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Sometimes our job is to protect our children from the rain,
To be the umbrella providing shelter.
But, more often, our job is to remind them
That they are brave enough to withstand stormy weather.

Anxious Children in an Anxious World: Facing Fears and Finding Brave is the support parents have been looking for. This book guides parents in calming the storm of anxiety that floods so many children and teens today. Mary deconstructs lessons from psychology and research in a straightforward and supportive manner, outlining the symptoms and causes of childhood anxiety. She presents easy-to-implement self-regulation tools for children to help them respond when anxiety kicks in. Anxious Children in an Anxious World contains practical advice for parents to gently push their children’s limits, build confidence, and find the courage to face their fears, while also providing insight into the important role adults play in helping children to flourish.

Anxious Children in an Anxious World provides evidence-based strategies needed to support children to push through their fears and find their inner strength. It is an invaluable resource for parents, carers, and educators looking to cultivate the resilience our children and teens need to thrive in this anxious world.


This is a wonderfully comprehensive book about dealing with childhood anxiety, rooted in science but accessible to every parent. With lots of compassionate insight into the mistakes we parents can also make, it will give parents the confidence to respond effectively to the anxieties their children experience.

– Dr David Coleman, Clinical Psychologist

Advance Praise for Anxious Children in an Anxious World:

Once again, Dr Mary O’Kane has delivered a must-read manual for parents struggling to understand and support their anxious children. Delivered in her trademark no nonsense, easy to digest and empathetic style, parents will feel empowered and educated with this book as their guide. Practical & interesting, Mary uses science, psychology, and real-life experience to illustrate that parents do indeed have the power to help their children successfully navigate life in an anxious world. This book will put your parental mind at ease.

Karen Koster, Broadcaster

I devoured this book, could have read it in one sitting, I loved it. What an important book for the times we live in, a vital resource for any of us who have children in our lives (parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers, coaches). This book is up-to-the-minute relevant; it addresses how to help children around big life events, of which there have been plenty these past few years. If you’re feeling at sea and unsure how to support your anxious child in this modern world, this book is for you. You’ll come away with a new-found understanding of anxiety, as well as solid practical tips on how to help your child face their fears and find their brave.

Alison Curtis, Weekend Breakfast on Today FM

This book does exactly what it says in the title. It is filled with hope that you can work through and help your child face anxiety. It gives you the parent tangible tools to use in the moment that are practical, evidence-based, effective, human and warm. Helping you and your child know that anxious kids are brave every day, Dr Mary O’Kane wisely guides you through the power of the supportive dual role of the parent and child towards feeling safe and secure within themselves in our anxious world

Allison Keating, Chartered Psychologist

I devoured this book. Not because I have any particularly anxious children but because Mary’s writing explains so much about kids in general. The structure of the book is great. The Give It a Try! sections are particularly helpful and the From the Horse’s Mouth pieces make you relate to Mary even more as a human. The message that we, as parents, don’t need to be perfect and that we don’t need to raise perfect children is so empowering.

Dave Moore, Today FM




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