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Mary’s parenting contribution to Ireland AM

Mary has contributed to Ireland AM on a range of topics since 2015, and now has a monthly Parenting Slot in the programme where she both covers specific topics and answers viewers parenting questions.

Topics she has covered on the programme include: 

  • Supporting anxious children.
  • Raising resilient children.
  • How to support your child’s self-esteem.
  • Tips for starting school.
  • The transition from primary school to secondary school.
  • The pressure to be a perfect parent.
  • Selective mutism.
  • Supporting children when a new baby arrives.
  • Sibling rivalry.
  • Telling children about a separation.
  • Blended families.
  • Parenting issues over Christmas.
  • Family meal times.
  • Independence and teens.
  • Body image and dieting.
  • The importance of reading to your child.
  • Children and social media.
  • Bulling & online bullying.
  • Raising kind children.
  • Talking to children about puberty.
  • Our teenager’s body image.
  • Positive behaviour management.
  • Communicating with our children.
  • Children’s friendships.
  • The importance of play.
  • Dealing with exam stress.
  • Fostering independence.
  • Supporting a grieving child.
  • Parenting under pressure.
  • Dealing with phobias.
  • Lawnmower parenting.
  • Panda parenting.
  • Mommy shaming.
  • Parenting in the summer months.
  • Parenting in the digital world.

Here are a few videos of these discussions:

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